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ledblink is a little utility program for Linux which gives you the ability to use the keyboard LEDs or LEDs connected to the parallel port to show the arrival of new email or whatever event you want to show.

It does not include an email-checker, but is expected to be called by your existing xbiff, procmail or anything. I use gkrellm for that purpose. You can also stop the blinking by another call, for example when you start up your mail reader. As an advanced feature, ledblink has the ability to show the number of mails that have arrived by blinking the LEDs differently.

ledblink is based heavily on mailblink by Don Bindner. I just removed all mail checking routines and threading and made the blinking controllable by signals. This was done because there were some issues with mailblink running together with another mail checker. Also the blinking can be controlled more flexible now.

Take a look at the README, the manpage or the ChangeLog.

Tarball ledblink-0.85.tar.gz (14 kb)
RPM (built on RedHat 7.2) ledblink-0.85-1.i386.rpm (18 kb)
Source RPM ledblink-0.85-1.src.rpm (17 kb)

06.11.02: I found a small article about ledblink and the parallel port on linuxzone.cz (no, I don't speak Czech :-)

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